"Hal Sparks and I have a lot in common: He used to host 'Talk Soup' on E!TV. I used to eat soup and watch TV!"

"Biff Henderson - stage manager for "The Late Show with David Letterman" - and I in the Green Room at the Ed Sullivan Theater during the wildly popular Ventriloquist Week. I've just made Biff say "Bottle of Beer" without moving my lips."

"America's Judge, Mills Lane and I discuss the chances I have of taking down Mike Tyson in the second round."

"Candice Bergen and I discuss Charlie McCarthy collectibles. Candice is the daughter of legendary ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. Oh...I think she did some acting, too."

"Judge Judy Sheindlin and I discuss the merits of rain on one's leg."

"Jerry Springer and I...just moments before I was attacked by a 400 pound trailer park resident with no teeth and no shirt."

"Erik Estrada and I discuss motorcycles and tight pants. (I personally don't think motorcycles should wear tight pants.)"

"Robert Stack reacts unfavorably when
people refer to him as ,"Elliot Mess"."

"Harlem Globetrotter Curly Neal finally gets the hang of spinning a ball on his fingertip once I show him the real work."

"Dirk "A-Team" Benedict tells me he once considered getting his hair cut like Mr. T's. I told him I would if he would."

"Mary "Erin Walton" McDonough and I get cozy after a root beer at Ike Godsey's General Store."

"I think Michael Cole really liked my act! This 60's TV icon (and exceptional actor) appeared as "Pete Cochran" in "The Mod Squad". Many people remember him from that series as, "the white guy"."

"Roger (007) Moore and I discuss the old days on Her Majesty's Secret Service."

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