Tom Ladshaw circa 1965 - "On a Mission To Save The Solar System"

THEN - Tom Ladshaw is a "born ham". He thinks he must have been the world's youngest juggler, because his mother has always claimed that even as an infant, he was always throwing up stuff. At the age of four, he would recap the nightly news report for his parents (and anyone else who had the misfortune to be in the room). By the age of five, he had discovered magic (via a "My Favorite Martian" Magic Set) and ventriloquism (via a "Danny O'Day" ventriloquial doll). By the age of eight, Tom's musical interest was manifesting itself...he studied piano and later, drums and percussion (in his early 20's, he would go on to travel and perform as a musician with numerous name acts). At the age of 12, Tom became a child actor, appearing as 'Whitney' in a revival of the long-running Broadway hit, "Life with Father". The lure of variety entertainment was never far from Tom's mind, and following a successful career in music, he decided to pursue his dream of making people laugh.

TODAY - Tom Ladshaw is a veteran of thousands of shows in more than twenty countries on five continents. Since the late 1970's, he has traveled far and wide bringing his patented brand of hilarious mayhem to audiences literally around the world.

From comedy clubs to casino showrooms to cruise ships to the largest banquet halls, this experienced multitalented entertainer is always a surefire winner with audiences. He has appeared in print, on television and on stage with a galaxy of stars including Roger Moore, Robert Stack, Regis Philbin, Whoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart and many, many more.

Tom Ladshaw circa 2007 - "On a Mission to Bring Laughter to Your Next Event"

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